Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Notorious Jewel De'nyle And Shelly Martinez


be back up this recipe, I put the first few days to create this blog because it is a recipe I have always, we like a lot and I think it's unfortunate that people know. He returned to make new pictures, and I tried to explain a little better the recipe.

is the dish that I like most about my mother. When it does it adds chicken and rabbit apart from the rib. In my case, as I do for 2 people, I put only rib, or rib sausage and oyster mushrooms that I hydrated, as today, but of course it always comes out delicious.

Ingredients (2 persons)

onion 2 cloves garlic
grated 1 large ripe tomato
190 gr. noodle
A tip of red pepper
6 pieces of pork ribs
3 sausages
broth cook the ribs: 3 to 3.5 meters vessels
Sal Oil

Dye or saffron (optional)
A handful of dried oyster mushrooms (optional)


First of all, fry, very golden brown, decerdo rib and sausage, manual menu uncovered 15 minutes. When reserves was biendoradita sausage and ribs spends a saucepan, cover with water and let cocerdurante half an hour. In this way we will make the broth mientrascontinuamos with the recipe.

Then we make the sofrito. In this case Ylos onion finely chopped garlic cloves., Manual menu-15 minutes, uncovered. Dejamospochar, and when the vegetables are cooked and add the tomato naturalrallado. There must be a well-done fried and concentrated. Season yañadir paprika and pepper.

cancel the menu. Add rib, sausage, noodles, coloring and the broth (the liquid should be about 1 finger porencima of noodles).
closed the lid and connect menu dough 5 minutes, closed laválvula.
programadespresurizamos Once finished manually.


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